How does L.I. Driver for Hire work?
Our chauffeur drives his or her personal car to your home or office, parks their car, and then drives for you in your personal car.

What does the chauffeur do with my car while I’m at my meeting or appointment?
The chauffeur will standby with your car and will be available as needed..

Do you have a minimum?
Yes, reservations require a minimum of 3 consecutive hours of service. 2 consecutive hours for Airport service

When does the time start?
The time starts when the chauffeur arrives at your pick up point..

Do you have accounts for corporations?
Yes, L.I. Driver for Hire serves corporate clients in addition to individual clients. To inquire about setting up a corporate account, please contact us.

Do I pay my chauffeur?
If you choose your can pay your chauffer cash or charge the credit card you authorized through our office

Can I get the same driver each time I use L.I Driver for Hire?
Upon request, we can provide the same driver for you as often as possible.

Why should I use L.I Driver for Hire?
L.I Driver for Hire makes the time you spend in your car more productive and enjoyable.

What does the chauffeur wear?
Our standard chauffeur attire is a professional black suit and cap.

Can you help me hire a part-time or full-time chauffeur?
Yes. Hiring a part-time or full-time chauffeur through L.I Driver for Hire offers you greater cost savings and the flexibility of leaving the hiring details to us.


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